—is an urban renewal initiative to lessen air pollution on Epifanio de los Santos Avenue through large-scale artworks. BOYSEN®, with the support of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA), is implementing this project through commissioned curators and artists of note.

Artworks – each approximately 1,000 square meters – will be executed using the paint KNOxOUT. This is the breakthrough BOYSEN® product which purifies air in the vicinity of the surfaces painted with it, hence greening paint technology itself. CristalACTiVelements in KNOxOUT transform toxic nitrogen oxide (NOx) in the atmosphere into less harmful substances.

The curators and artists are working collaboratively with the paint chemists, a large painting crew, a support contingent including traffic enforcers, in consultation with specialists in urban planning, environmentalism, health, and public art in the Philippines and abroad.