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How a brand's advocacy is helping the environment

September 09 2011 -

If you have traveled through the stretch of EDSA, you would have noticed the murals on some walls and posts lining the main thoroughfare of Metro Manila. And you just wondered, what was that about?
After some sleuthing, found out that the murals done on the wall in San Lorenzo Village in Makati City, and the triangular abstract on the posts of the Metro Rail Transit are actually part of the advocacy of BOYSEN® Paints, a Filipino paint brand.
Dubbed as the BOYSEN® KNOxOUT™ Project: EDSA (Everyone Deserves Safe Air), it is one of the more successful campaigns in the paint industry.
The endeavor is an initiative of BOYSEN® Paints to lessen air pollution on EDSA, the city’s most polluted roadway, through large-scale artworks. The project, which is closely coordinated with the Metro Manila Development Authority and curated by TAO Inc., will consist of eight massive artworks, each measuring about 1,000 square meters in eight different locations along the 24 kilometer stretch of EDSA. All of the artworks will use BOYSEN® KNOxOUT™, a new technology that has been proven in several scientifically verified trials around the world to reduce the level of air pollution.
“This is the first public art project in the world that has an air cleaning dimension,” said Johnson Ongking, vice president of BOYSEN® Paints. “It’s a very unique mix of art and science – we’re transforming EDSA into a showcase for art while using a globally innovative technology to help clean the air. It’s using the beauty of art to help address the ugly problem of air pollution in our city.”
Air pollution causes almost 14 avoidable deaths per day in the city, according to a study done by the World Bank and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR).
But what made this advocacy campaign of BOYSEN® Paints effective? Below we list two reasons.
1. Intriguing
Since there was nothing was being said about the artwork, and nearly two million Filipinos seeing the murals everyday, it was more than enough to pique the public's interest.
2. Exciting
The mural along San Lorenzo Village looked like a cross between the plants of Plants vs. Zombies and the tentacled enemies of Neo in the Matrix. But since there was no info about what the mural was about or even who was behind it, people wondered some more.
- Courtesy of The Entrepreneur Staff