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'Moving' public art rises from the underpass in Cubao

February 02 2012 -

Motorists, commuters and pedestrians who pass through the intersection of EDSA and Aurora Boulevard now have a welcome breather from the daily traffic and pollution at that often congested area.
The third of eight large-scale artworks commissioned by BOYSEN®, with the support of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority, is nearing completion and has begun to literally clean the air at the underpass.
A panorama of urban images London-based filmmaker and architect Tapio Snellman conceptualized now adorns the wall of the northern end of the northbound lanes at the Cubao underpass. Work on the wall on the opposite side has begun.

Snellman shared with GMA News Online that the inspiration from the mural came from its immediate surroundings.
“I wanted to be honest to the location and to take an impression from the location. It's not a pretty place. It's really a wild crazy, urban crazy place with a lot of people and intensity and very different parallel worlds going on in the same space,” he said.
“My goal was not to aim for a piece with palm trees to help them forget this world. But on the contrary, to take something exactly from this location and translate it in some way that is inspiring and not depressing,” Snellman explained.
Doing the actual painting job was the most difficult for the crew he supervised, according to Snellman, because they had to work from 10 p.m. to 6 p.m. with air quality at the underpass much worse than it was up topside.
The filmmaker born in Helsinki, Finland said, “The first thing I did was to create a 3D animation of the Cubao underpass, test the different speeds to know how many seconds you have from the beginning of the underpass to the other end at the underpass, to find out how many seconds and what happens in between.”
He imagined how the mural would look like from the perspective of a child sitting in a moving bus.
“It's like an animated film. It's really meant to be experienced on the move,” Snellman said.

However, during rush hour traffic in the morning and late afternoon to early evening, motorists and their passengers would have more than just momentary passing glances at Snellman's depiction of the urban jungle in orangey rustic iron hues.
For this and the seven other murals, BOYSEN®'s Johnson Ongking said their KNOxOUT paint that breaks down the polluting nitrous oxide in the air is the science part of “the first public art project in the world that has an air cleaning dimension.”
Each artwork of the Everyone Deserves Safe Air (EDSA) project will have an area of approximately 1,000 square meters.

The first mural—by Jose Tence Ruiz—can be seen on the white walls shielding the San Lorenzo Village in Makati from the noise of EDSA near the Magallanes MRT station. It had for its theme fractal images in nature and manmade elements.
Shades and shapes of EDSA Revolution yellow, civilian white and military gray were rendered on the pillars of the EDSA Ortigas flyover based on the design by Damien Anne and Baby Imperial-Anne.
Other artists commissioned for the EDSA project are Virgilio “Pandy” Aviado, Neal Oshima, Erika Tan, Alfredo and Isabel Aquilizan, and the art department of the advertising agency TBWA.
- Earl Victor L. Rosero, Courtesy of GMA News